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Welcome to the "Dark Empire" homepage.

Dark Empire is a guild founded by a former EverQuest and World of Warcraft player. The guild is formed on the World of Warcraft Emulator server "AstralWoW - Emberflame".

Membership to this guild is more restricted, in that open invitations to just anyone who just wants to be in a guild won't be handed out. We only want smart and mature players who's goals match our own, even if that keeps our roster low. Invites to friends and family members though are different, and will likely be where most of the guild growth is from.

We are a PvE focused, semi-casual, Horde, restricted access guild. Raiding will be handled later as needed, but is hoped for with at least one 10 man gathering a week. Right now its just about having fun, questing, grouping, leveling and getting to know each other.

We look forward to playing with you! =)
We are recruiting all classes and levels atm. For raiding later this may change regarding classes, as we won't raid with for example, 2 Rogues in a 10 man. For raids we will want diversity.
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